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About the artist

Emilia Lloret Lasezscki was born in 1961 in Posadas, a place situated in the north of Argentina, at the border with Brazil and Paraguai.


Grow up and was interested notably in the world of art and creation. Later studies psychology in Buenos Aires, finishing college specialize in child clinical psychology in Barcelona (UAB).


The artist lives among the city of Barcelona and the marine environment in the Baix Emportdà, instead she admires and generates a great inspiration in the time of their artwork.


She is formed artistic level in reference amount and institutions in the art world in Catalonia, such as La Massana, Bellas Artes and the Cercle Artistic Santlluc de Barcelona.


She owes much of its knowlege and painting technique to the Spanish watercolor master Martínez Lozano who forms her in the same technique for over 15 years.


The artist has made 45 solo and group exhibitions since 1999 until today.


It features rewards from national and international importance such as the first prize for painting Zurbarán, watercolor first prize in the Catalan Center of Madrid and watercolor first prize at the International Exhibition of Aguillion.


Emilia Lloret Lazescki style is defined as a new impressionism based on the depiction of light and color in a unique way, by large patches of color, fused with geometric lines and architecturally calculated.


The work of Emilia Lloret transmits large loads of strength, intensity and passion in the variety of topics covered, from exquisite landscapes, sea, flowers and living rooms. | All Rights Reserved ®

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